Welcome to the website for Beccles Allotments and Gardens Association (BAGA)

Thanks to all who attended the December AGM and for your suggestions which will be discussed at the next committee meeting in January 2024.

Thank you also for your orders of seed potatoes and onions/shallots. The order has been placed with the supplier and all things being well, your orders should be ready for collection from the Store on Saturday 3rd February 2024. We will have some spare nets available if members have not managed to place an order or if you decided you need more nets. These will be sold on a first come- first served basis. 

A message from our chairperson about the advantages of being a member of BAGA for non-allotmenteers:


Historically, Beccles Allotments and Gardens Association has always had a number of members who are not allotment-holders. These have usually been people who like to grow their own food and have space to do so at home. They are members because they appreciate what BAGA has to offer apart from the management of the allotments.
What are these benefits? BAGA membership is cheap - £2 to join and £3 a year thereafter - about the price of a decent cup of coffee and maybe a cookie. BAGA members have access to the Association's store where robust high quality gardening requisites are sold at prices just above cost. Seed potatoes and onion sets are sold at the start of the year and come in at about half the price asked in other local outlets. Friendly and helpful service and good advice come free, especially useful if you are new to gardening. But perhaps the most eye-catching saving opportunity is BAGA's connection with the Suttons Seeds Group Scheme which enables BAGA members to purchase seeds at 50% of the market price. Suttons have seeds that no-one else has and some of these can be powerfully expensive when you pay the full price. The scheme is managed for BAGA by Andy Gardiner and paid up members only can get a catalogue from him with an order form, or you can order on the phone or online using the code you will be given.

The savings made by using the store and the Sutton's scheme will recoup the membership fee in the twinkling of an eye.

How to join BAGA?

Contact the Membership Secretary Pat Took, either by phone (01502 723605) or by email: pat_took@yahoo.co.uk She will see you have all the information you need to become a member of our happy band.

Joan Cupples, Chairperson, BAGA, 8.12.23